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Upon meeting Shannan, I was amazed at her well-rounded skills in both the creative and the strategic sides of business. As a business owner, I thrive on the creative part of my work, but needed support in the executional side of things — actually placing strategies and a clear cut action plan in place to reach my goals. Shannan made this so easy for me. Her way of simplifying the goal setting and game-planning process made working towards each of my goals natural on a daily basis. Rather than scrambling each day without enough time... or working into the wee hours of the night (both were totally typical for me), while working with Shannan I knew how to execute each of my days appropriately, focusing on what matters, not what didn't. Not to mention, Shannan is a dream to work with. She is hard working, highly motivational, inspirational, and just an incredibly kind person always cheering others on. I would highly recommend Shannan to any serious small business owner looking to get a clear path to success set in place... one that feels naturally aligned with your true mission and vision.

I knew I wanted to invest in my business this year but I didn't know how. When I first met Shannan I was struck by her genuine interest in understanding the work I do and the heart behind it. She listened to my struggles and at our very first consultation over coffee I overwhelming felt like the work she did was exactly what my business needed to get to the next level. Shannan is a planner. She was prepared for every meeting, she helped me put together action items after ever consultation so I could start thinking more strategically about things I had never thought through before. At every step of the way she showed that she cared about my business growth and my future success. Her heart for helping small businesses is so genuine. I left every meeting we had with an overwhelming "I can do this!" feeling racing through me. And now just a month out from our summer of consultations, I can already see a change in my business. I am attracting the clients I want, finally! And all with her help. She guided me to define my business message, articulate the heart behind my work and strategize for the future. This was hands down the best investment I have ever made in my business EVER.

Working with Shannan was the best decision I made for my new business. I was full of passion, but I lacked the focus and clarity that I needed to plan out my next steps. Shannan did a wonderful job of supporting me while also asking the tough questions I really needed to find the answers to. I truly believe that working with Shannan shaved off years of trial and error because she absolutely knows what she's doing! I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone that wants to bring more intention and purpose to running their business.

Leah Kirpalani, Founder, Shop Good


Afroditi Petroutsos, life coach

This amazing lady helps people gather together their ideas, plans, dreams, visions by streamlining and organising them into tangible, workable, kickass projects! Shannan helps people stay accountable and creates a realistic and productive pace for them. She also offers guidance along the way, often helping them discover more and more about themselves and their OWN zone of genius!

Ellie Seilern, Reiki & Sound Healer

Before I started working with Shannan I felt overwhelmed and stuck on what to focus on to build momentum and grow my business. I didn’t know where to put my energy. Was is revamping my website, growing my email list, my content strategy or creating new products or services? I felt drained just thinking about all the approaches I could take. I knew I needed support and guidance from a professional but at first I hesitated to make that kind of investment in myself. Looking back I can say without a doubt this is a worthy investment and if you are on the fence, step out of your own way and go for the life you truly desire. Since working with Shannan I created and launched my 1:1 health coaching program alongside putting together my first online plant-based cooking course. I gained clarity on where to direct my energy, built systems to create a strong foundation in my business and used automation to simplify the process and build my email list. I made meaningful connections and friendships with other entrepreneurs through Shannan’s network of incredible creatives and biz owners. Because of all the momentum I built in my business I had to go part-time at my day job (YAY!) in order to make space for all the opportunities that began to unfold. For me, Shannan’s strength lies in supporting her clients to live a more intentional life. This holistic approach enabled me to create more consistent energy and confidence, whilst also helping me to develop the courage, clarity, and focus I needed to take my business to the next level. Shannan has a unique mix of insight, creativity and encouragement that made me feel equipped and inspired to go after my ambitious goals. It’s kind of crazy how many positive things unfold from just one experience, one connection and one decision. The decision to work with Shannan has been the single best decision that I’ve made for my business.

Perla Klenk-Sanchez, Plant-Based Chef, Elevation Eating

I've always been a creative with many ideas, but when it comes to the biz side of things, I'm lost! Working with Shannan has been the answer to my prayers to help put my ideas out into the world so I can focus on doing what I love most. Shannan is amazing to work with and makes the process so easy! She is insanely knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate.

Melissa Gallarzo, Holistic Health Mentor, Wholistic Circle

Working with Shannan was amazing! She really helped me reveal my talents, strengths and message as well as gave me a clear view (and instructions!) on how to present my information to the world. She gave me all the tools I needed to be able to build community and help a lot of people. Most importantly, I know where I’m headed now!

Laura Verbich, Self-Love & Empowerment Coach

I loved working with Shannan! She is always willing to go the extra mile to help me. With her support, I have been able to take purposeful action and establish clear strategies to bring my ideas to life. Where I once second guessed myself, was easily overwhelmed and procrastinated about every project, I now feel clarity and alignment with my business goals. 

Jenine Isa, Health & Wellness Coach

Working with Shannan was a very positive experience; she challenges you while supporting your efforts. She helped me see that I have a creative side and that setting goals is critical to one’s success. She knew how to motivate and encourage me when I needed a nudge, which allowed me to complete more in 12 weeks than I had in two years. 

Lisa Anderson, Healthy Living Coach

I had an amazing experience working with Shannan. During my program with her, I quit my full-time position and mapped out the next steps to start my entrepreneurial life! It was exciting to leave my comfort zone with her support and guidance. I gained clarity on my purpose and reassurance that it was time for me to make the leap I needed to move forward with my life. Thank you, Shannan!

Ashley Silva, Real Estate Professional

Bria Lear, Intuitive Brand Strategist

It's rare to find someone who's both wildly creative AND strategic, but Shannan is definitely gifted in both. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Shannan, and she's totally brilliant at turning big picture ideas and visions into clear, manageable projects that actually get completed. Just from picking her brain for a few minutes, Shannan showed me how to break down my bigger goals into tiny, digestible tasks (with realistic timelines!) so I can stay focused and make progress on what's most important to me, without getting overwhelmed and off track. I'd recommend working with Shannan to anyone who's struggling to find the time, clarity, or focus to take their ideas from 'someday' status to reality. Whether you want to hire the right people or do it all yourself, Shannan will help you add intention to your goals, and achieve them with more creativity, ease, and efficiency. 

Shannan is an incredible entrepreneur and strategist. Her eye for big picture planning, details, natural understanding of design and ability to get the job done makes her a rare find. You need this woman in your life and business like yesterday if you want to take things into the stratosphere. 

Emma Tynan, Visibility + Business Coach


Working with Shannan has been nothing but amazing and helpful! Her guidance the last few months has helped me and my business in ways I didn't even know was possible. Before working with her, I was lost with the direction of my business and wasn't sure where or how to go about it. After working with Shannan, I am clear and intentional about how I approach each aspect of my business and life! I would recommend working with Shannan to business owners who are ready to take action in their business and make the right moves for growth!

Alisha kumar, founder, the social project

Working with Shannan has been so impactful. Before working with her, I would feel overwhelmed with the swarm of ideas I'd have regarding the directions I'd like both of my businesses to go and that overwhelm would stifle any sort of movement forward. However, after working with Shannan both through individual coaching and by attending one of her amazing workshops I feel that I am now equipped with simple yet effective tools to help me think through each idea, evaluate it and make intentional steps with those that feel best suited for both myself, my team and my businesses. Working with her has been absolutely essential to the forward movement of my work and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find intentional and sustainable growth in their business. If you are looking for help in reigning in your wild ideas and creating strategy behind them, working with Shannan is a must!