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i'm Shannan!

A Canadian-born city girl living on an island in the middle of the sea, pursuing a more intentional + inspired life. I believe in not settling for a lesser story than you were created for, that in order to live the fullness of our lives we need to express the fullness of our gifts, and that in choosing less, we actually experience more. 

In recent years, I have said more confident no’s to simplify, and more gracious yes’s to expand. Doing so has allowed me to honour my full potential, and I’m here to help you to do the same.

I never expected that I would travel down this path…. 

While I’ve always known on some level that I was meant to do big things, I never thought it would be on my own terms, in my own way, or by my own rules.

There have been a number of twists and turns on my entrepreneurial path that have led me to where I am today. From dipping my toe in network marketing to becoming certified as a holistic health coach, to finally owning my true strengths as a strategist + creative consultant for small business owners, it’s been one hell of a ride. 

(Hear more about it on this podcast episode! Click! Click!) 

But I’m grateful for every experience, every lesson, every ounce of clarity I gained along the way that revealed to me the work I truly wanted to do + who I wanted to do it with.  

The clients I serve today care deeply about leaving a legacy and making an impact on the world through their ideas. 

And having worked 5+ years in the events + incentive travel industry, I’ve learned firsthand that the impact-potential of an idea is entirely dependent on the level of intention, innovation & influence that’s brought to it, which is why I’ve dedicated my work to helping my clients master all three in a purposeful, yet practical way. 

Because I believe everyone should get to experience what it feels like to see an idea through. To be able to create and release something that is solely yours, a true expression of yourself, and for it to have such a profound effect on others — I wish that for everyone. 

Let’s build a strategy that deepens the impact of your work + elevates the success of your business! — this is my jam, this is the work that lights me up! 

I’ve been an entrepreneur in some form or another since 2013. 

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other things that

Weekend brunch

no.  1

Chai Lattes
(the spicier the better and with almond milk, please!)

no.  2

Fresh flowers and farmers markets

no.  3

Spontaneous roadtrips

no.  4

Any song by Justin Timberlake or John Mayer

no.  5

Hipster style tacos with an extra side of guac (duh!)

no.  6

The smell of the ocean + the sound of the waves

no.  7

the art of photography

no.  8


no.  9

My hotel-managing husband Josh & our shared passion for travel, culture & tourism

no.  10

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