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with intention

A half-day, action-driven workshop for entrepreneurs who desire to not only establish + develop great ideas in business, but more importantly, execute them.  

It's an experience designed to help you take intentional action on the right things — to get your idea off the whiteboard and into the real world.

Each workshop focuses on the application of innovative thinking, intentional strategy and implementation techniques to move your idea forward + take your startup OR seasoned business to the next level.

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a two day workshop in san diego

— october 2018 —

#THISWILDIDEA is a two-day intensive workshop experience designed to encourage the ignition of ideas that will inevitably disrupt culture, make an impact, and simultaneously, take a small business to the next level. 

We're rallying together female founders who are two to ten years in business and focused on scaling and growth. These women desire to extend their brand & expand their reach, while still deepening the connection between themselves and their clients, customers & community.

If you've been searching for a sounding board, a safe space to explore a new direction, or an opportunity to receive individualized support, this is the experience for you!

It's always those wild, crazy & unexpected ideas that wind up changing the world! 

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I can see that I've come a long way in my lane of work. Although I need clarification and marketing guidance, with the exercises, and the sharing of the group, it's totally confirmed that working on one thing! Is a must and then branch out from there. I feel supported in having excellent resources available by meeting you. I love the casual yet grounded and informative style you present. And the people I've connected with - the group you attract- is in total alignment with me, so I appreciate the high level authentic networking that you held space for. Amazing & high level. I was riding the wave of Awesome! for days and truthfully, I still am. Thanks again.

Valerie Sorrentino, Energy Worker

Ideas with Intention reignited my business. Shannan and this program, helped me to look at all my wild and creative business ideas through a lens that acknowledged my zone of genius and allowed me to focus on where my strengths meet my immediate business goals. Now, I can move forward effectively and "park my other ideas" for later, as Shannan says. I feel empowered and capable to take action on a few things that I know will make a difference in my business. I also made incredible connections with other local business women who will now be friends and partners as we each build our dreams.

Devin Jones, Career Coach

I really loved Shannan's 3-level-drill down technique to help me filter and prioritize the ideas swimming around in my head in an optimal way. Now I can focus on the ones that matter most and park the others for another time and not feel like a total failure.

Melissa Glaze, Brand Designer & Visual Marketing Strategist

When it comes to executing my ideas with intention, I often struggle to know when "enough work is enough work". In other words, it's challenging to find the sweet spot between cutting corners to save time/just get an idea out there, and executing something so thoroughly that I end up wasting time/effort in the process. At the Ideas with Intention workshop, I learned useful frameworks (like design thinking!) and got personal recommendations to help me tweak the execution process of making my ideas reality, so I can work and create more effectively!

Ann Marie Rose, Content Impact Consultant

Creativity meets strategy...Shannan nails this balance! As an idea addict, my mind swirls with all the things all the time. And where I can get stuck is WHAT the heck to focus on! It was so insightful to recognize what types of "behaviour camps" we tend to fall into and then how to work through that so that we can keep moving forward and crushing our goals. Shannan's process knocked my socks off and makes it FUN to get your shit together! Highly recommend every entrepreneur checks out this workshop...it's a total game changer!

Ashley Di Filippis, Branding Consultant