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In Good Company: An Entertaining Guide

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A deep desire to connect and celebrate life —we all possess it. And still, life is busy. Seasons seem to end just as quickly as they begin. Some days feel like a blur as the world keeps on spinning. We’re easily sucked into the minutia, the mundane, the monotonous tasks of our day-to-day. But, if we’re lucky, something interrupts the pattern. An event on the calendar. A reason to pause and celebrate. There’s nothing quite like knowing a group of six or more people are coming over to force you to close the laptop, put the to-do list aside and find joy in the present day, rather than in the anticipation of another…




For all seasons and occasions, In Good Company is your guide to the art of entertaining. Often viewed as an overwhelming, yet rewarding task, inside you’ll find everything you need to host an intimate, unhurried dinner party, sans the stress! Because good food is always made better by good company.

I created this guide in collaboration with my good friend Cassie Templeman as a reminder to pause and prioritize the good things in life like the experience of a shared meal with friends. But, it was also created in hopes of doing some good in the world, too. To celebrate a season of giving, you can receive a free copy of In Good Company with any dollar donation made to World Central Kitchen, a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters to families around the world.



What’s Included Inside the Guide:

  • Introduction: The Art of Entertaining
  • Setting the Table: A Styling Guide
  • Pacing for Presence: A Food Preparation Guide
  • A Shortlist of Cookbook & Recipe Recommendations
  • BONUS: Free printable place card templates with conversation starters



How to Request the Guide:

Simply send me an e-mail with a screenshot of your donation receipt and I’ll send you a link to access and download the full guide.


Cheers to sharing the table often with family & friends and making celebration and connection a priority in our lives!


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