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Bria Lear, Human Design Expert

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Intention is the vantage point from which I view everything. From how I live and work, to how I encourage my clients to market themselves, to the brands I choose to buy from and support. Intention is about slowing ourselves down enough to actually have a clear aim.


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I met Bria Lear inside a Facebook group community for entrepreneurs (when those were all the rage in 2016!) I remember liking/commenting on a post of hers that I found valuable and that’s when our online friendship began! The rest is history, really. We’ve had countless conversations over the years and have even spent a few days together at her home in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Today, I’d consider Bria one of my best friends. She is incredibly gifted at so many things, but what I love most about her is her rare ability to mirror someone’s strengths, reflecting back to them what they’re innately good at, often when they can’t see it for themselves. She is the ultimate hype-girl. Fittingly, this is what she does every day as a Human Design Expert and Business Alignment Coach. I’m so excited to share a bit of Bria’s story and wisdom with you—how she discovered the world of human design, the rituals she practices to stay in alignment with herself, and how you can use your design type to live a more intentional life.



What does “intentional living” mean to you? How has human design helped you embrace it for yourself?

Intentional living to me is all about alignment and awareness; consciously making choices about how I want to live, spend my time, and use my energy that are in line with who I really am, what I believe in, and what I value. Living more intentionally has really taken slowing down to actually consider whether what I allow to take up space in my life (people, goals, commitments, media, products, experiences) is truly energizing and fulfilling for me. In other words, does it reflect my highest self or allow for growth towards that? For me, this is really where Human Design has been pivotal – it gave me such a deep understanding of who I am at my core (apart from all the societal “shoulds” or borrowed beliefs) and showed me how to access my own very clear and tangible inner compass. I didn’t realize how much of my life (and business) I’d spent pushing in directions that weren’t for me, or trying to be somebody I’m not, so when I finally dug into my Human Design, so many lightbulbs started going off and I just felt this giant sense of validation and relief.


Tell us about what was happening in your life when you discovered human design. What about it initially pulled you in to learn more?

I’d love to say that my first encounter was magical, but to be completely honest, the first time I discovered Human Design I calculated my chart, did a few quick google searches, got totally confused (there really wasn’t any relatable or modern translations at the time), and then shut the tab and forgot about it for another few years! At the time, I was in a place where I really hadn’t accepted or embraced my spiritual side (though I’d been drawn to a totally woo-woo biz coach, ha!) and was SO focused on strategy strategy strategy. Looking back, I was operating my business (and life) from a place of not-enoughness, and I thought that if I could just find the *right* strategy, everything would fall into place.

I’m sure anyone can guess that this is not what happened.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself finally starting to emerge from a very dark place of burnout (again), stress-induced illness, depression, and anxiety – to the point that I’d shut down my business completely. As I started to rebuild and reinvent my business with more intention, Human Design kept popping up in my periphery and tapping me on the shoulder, this time in a much more digestible way. As I was learning more (through a friend and business mentor), the deeper I wanted to go, and the more energized I started to feel. As I experimented with my design, life just started to feel easier. Lighter. And for the first time in years I was able to let go of so much perfectionism and shame that had held me back. I couldn’t not follow that light.


As an in-depth and complex system, how would you describe human design simply? 

I like to explain Human Design as the art & science of the aura (in other words, your personal energy field). Just like you have a physical body, you also have an energetic body that is constantly interacting with, and relaying conscious and subconscious information to and from the world around you. Like a fingerprint, we each have our own completely unique energy field, and the Human Design system (a synthesis of ancient modalities and modern sciences) essentially provides a map or blueprint of how your energy thrives in the world. It reveals things like the way you are designed to interact with others, the natural gifts and talents you’re here to express, how your body and inner guidance speaks to you, what you require to be healthy and vibrant, challenges or lessons you may face, how to get the best results most efficiently, how you are empathic, and so much more.



“Like a fingerprint, we each have our own completely unique energy field, and the Human Design system (a synthesis of ancient modalities and modern sciences) essentially provides a map or blueprint of how your energy thrives in the world.”



How can knowing your “type” help you live or work with greater intention?

Energy Types are the top layer of differentiation in Human Design. Each type has it’s own correct way of operating energetically, called “Strategy”, and it’s own emotional cues that let you know when you’re out of alignment (“Not-Self”) or in alignment (“Signature”). Knowing and experimenting with your type can seem a little less exciting than other parts of your Human Design, but is one of the biggest game-changers in living and working with greater intention. With your type’s Signature and Not-Self themes, you’re given immediate feedback on what is and isn’t for you, while your type’s Strategy facilitates aligned energetic exchanges, creations, environments, synchronicities, relationships, and opportunities that support your soul’s purpose and your highest expression.

Most of us are going through our personal and work lives disconnected from ourselves, trying to make things happen, or trying to be more like somebody else, and all of this really takes us out of our most powerful state: energetic flow. When we’re in flow, we’re using our energy efficiently, rather than trying to push and shove it into a shape that doesn’t fit. The beautiful thing about aligning with your type is that all that the friction and resistance of going against your energy starts to dissipate, and is replaced not only by a sense of ease and lightness, but also a sense of relief and permission to do things in a way that actually feels more natural to you. How can you be truly intentional in any aspect of life when who you’re being isn’t actually congruent with who you really are? I would even go so far as to say that aligning with your Energy Type IS, in itself, living intentionally.


What is something that surprised you about your own chart that perhaps conflicts with your own conditioning or upbringing?

One of the biggest surprises within my own chart was the revelation that I am naturally “non-emotional.” Meaning, I do not have emotional energy that consistently runs through my body at all times, and am – in my most natural state – cool, calm and collected. Emotionally neutral. After spending 30+ years of my life feeling like I was constantly riding an emotional roller-coaster and believing that I was “too emotional”, this came as a total shock, but also major validation! What I didn’t know growing up, and even starting my 30s, is that not only have I been emotionally empathic, feeling the emotions of everyone else around me, but that I have also been AMPLIFYING those emotions and thinking they were my own. Mind-blowing! Understanding these dynamics has dramatically shifted the way I feel on a day to day basis, and has brought so much more ease and peace to my relationships.


Best advice for using human design to influence or inform our decision making?

Start connecting and listening to your body more than your mind. Each of us has our own individual “Authority” – the HD term for what I like to call your inner guidance system, or inner CEO, and it NEVER involves your mind. We’ve been conditioned to use our minds to make our decisions, constantly overriding our bodies’ innate wisdom in favour of “smart,” “rational,” or “logical” decisions. But those decisions are more often than not fuelled by deeply rooted fear and sneaky “shoulds” that never end up leading us where our souls are calling. We miss out on so much magic (and can do a lot of damage to our self-worth, our health, and our spirit), by ignoring our inner guidance. I promise that getting intimately connected with your Authority, and actually using it, will bring you so much more alignment and joy.




How can we use our human design to form better relationships —with ourselves or others?

One of the most common things my clients say after a Human Design chart reading or business alignment session is how incredibly seen and validated they feel. Human Design provides language for all of these things you know to be true and beautiful about yourself but maybe haven’t recognized, accepted, or celebrated, and that soul-deep level of resonance can be a massive catalyst for self-love. On the flip side, it’s hard to fully accept or love someone else for their uniqueness – especially when that individuality is very different to your own – unless you can fully accept and love yourself and the way you are different. Understanding the energetic designs of your family or friend group or partner, or child really opens the doors to relationships that allow each person to be appreciated and respected for their true self, and to contribute with their gifts – the things we subconsciously sense and are drawn to in another’s aura – rather than what’s expected, traditional, or might work for one but not the other.


How can someone use their human design to optimize their creativity or productivity? When are you most creative?

Creativity and productivity most often come back to aligning with your Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority. For example, you’re not going to feel very creative, and will have a really hard time being productive, if you’ve either committed to something that your Authority said “No” to, or if the way you’ve engaged in or approached a project is not aligned with your Strategy. For example, as a Generator, I am most creative and productive when I am acting in “response”. Answering questions (like these!), writing a post after I’ve seen a topic on Instagram that makes me want to jump out of my seat to share my two cents, bouncing ideas back and forth with a friend… these are all ways I can put myself into a state of response and intentionally ignite my creativity.


Who and what inspires you?

Deep connection with like-minded humans. I’ve attracted the most amazing clients and friends, and getting to connect their stories and experiences to Human Design really allows me to deepen my understanding of this energetic system, and to then synthesize and apply it to business and life in new and powerful ways. Personally, I’m also so inspired by design – graphic, interior, fashion, architecture… I love to play with anything that creates a mood or evokes a feeling!



“Human Design provides language for all of these things you know to be true and beautiful about yourself but maybe haven’t recognized, accepted, or celebrated, and that soul-deep level of resonance can be a massive catalyst for self-love.”




What is your go-to self-care practice to keep you grounded and centered when life gets busy?

Whenever I start to feel stuck, overwhelmed, restless, or frustrated (frustration is my not-self theme), my go-to self-care practice is a style of meditation called Yoga Nidra. For years I resisted meditation and couldn’t get into it, until I stumbled on Yoga Nidra. It’s done lying down (#winning) and translates to “yogic sleep,” a state of deep rest between being awake/conscious and asleep where you can reprogram your subconscious, reset your nervous system, reduce stress or anxiety, access better sleep, etc. While there’s so many amazing physiological and psychological benefits of Yoga Nidra, I love that it allows me to physically feel my energy buzzing and vibrating, sometimes to the point that I feel like I’m floating above my bed and time is standing still. How fun is that?!


Describe the experience someone can expect during a human design reading or coaching session with you.

In a Human Design chart reading we really walk through the ins and outs of how to actually live as your Energy Type and make aligned decisions with your Authority (if that’s something you’re not yet doing) as well as explore the gifts you’re here to share with the world, and the challenges you face. I always tailor this to what’s shared with me in your intake form, and the flow of our conversation on the call. Together, we’re connecting the dots between your lived experiences and your chart, providing you with clarity, validation, and context. You’ll start to see how certain aspects of your chart have shown up or influenced the various areas of your life and business. It’s like the ultimate self-awareness and empowerment toolbox.

In my coaching sessions, the focus is more specific to aligning your business and how you’re showing up as an entrepreneur to your chart. Think of me like an acupuncturist for your biz – sans all the needles! We look at the blocks and challenges you’re experiencing in your business, and approach these through the lens of your design to uncover where they’re stemming from, and how to re-align you with your natural energy flow. Sometimes that looks like exploring belief, behaviour, or emotional patterns based on childhood conditioning and how they’re playing out in your business, and sometimes it looks like shifting how you’re showing up, creating, or making decisions, or tweaking your strategy or offers to support your most aligned and easeful self. Through this process I share bits and pieces of your design that are relevant to the situation and help you understand the aligned truth for you, according to your chart. You’ll leave with action steps, exercises and/or tips to carry you forward.



As someone who helps others leverage their energetic gifts, what are some of yours?

One of my most prominent energetic gifts is the gift of Stillness (also called Restraint). Through this energy my clients feel more grounded, calm, and focused when we’re in session together. I’m just having a flash of connecting the dots (another energetic gift) to the theme of this interview; this really is an energy of intentionality in that it’s all about striking a balance between action and pause, ensuring that when you do take action, it is clear, fully aligned, and INTENTIONAL, instead of reactive and rooted in fear or stress. This is the difference between sustainable growth and hustling into burnout. Starting anything with a seed of fear means that fear will be the energy behind its expansion, and that the body will be under stress to grow it. In order to “hold the pose” (ie. not react and jump into action when fear is triggered), you have to trust in the direction and divine timing of life, remain connected to your intention, and raise yourself out of the lower frequencies of stress energy by changing your inner environment – your feelings and thoughts – which eventually changes what you experience, see and hear. This is something I teach my clients, and has been such a massive lesson to learn in my life; I’m continuously reminded that I am not in control. And you know what? Surrendering is actually a lot more fun.


You’ve shared openly about your battles with burnout. What is the most common piece of advice you find yourself giving clients or your online community?

Listen to your body, trust your energy, and challenge all of the “shoulds”.


If you leave us with only one idea, perspective shift or concept to consider, what would it be?

Everything you think you need to change about yourself to thrive in business and life is a Big. Fat. Lie. Your success strategy is as unique as your soul, and reaching your next level is less about your actions, and more about the energy behind them. Alignment isn’t about doing more. It’s about being more of who you already are.


Who should we interview next?

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