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Shop Good: A True Experience Brand

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It’s no secret —I’ve been a Shop Good groupie from the start. Not only is the brand’s founder (Leah Kirpalani) a dear friend of mine, but she is also a past client. Having consulted for her both prior to and after taking her online-only business offline and into brick-and-mortar, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the heart and intention behind her brand first-hand. Shop Good is what I’d call a true experience brand —one that consistently excels in weaving experiential elements into their product/service offerings and marketing efforts. They are so deserving of this spotlight!


About Shop Good

Shop Good is a natural beauty and wellness boutique & organic spa located in San Diego, California and online. Backed by a team of product experts, certified holistic health coaches and holistic estheticians, Shop Good is out to make healthy living effortless, fabulous and fun, proving that you can have both: an abundant life and vibrant health.


It’s All About the Experience

Here are a few inspiring ways that Shop Good delivers proof on their promise.


Monthly Content Themes

Having a monthly content theme allows a brand to create focused content and campaigns vs. fumbling with fragmented consistency. For years now, Shop Good has announced a monthly theme that their online content, events & experiences, spa specials, product launches and service offerings stem from.

For example, Shop Good’s August 2021’s e-newsletter announced the theme of Gut Check, featuring “simplified gut-healing tutorials + recipes… skin microbiome + barrier function 101… the DL on stress x gut health… and everyday ways to tap into that powerhouse gut intuition of yours”.


In-store and Virtual Events

From makeup masterclasses to live workouts to sound meditation sessions, to expert panel discussions to at-home virtual spa nights… Shop Good is a leader in producing events and experiences that strengthen the brand-customer bond.

There is simply not enough space on this page to list out the number of varied events and experiences that Shop Good has held and hosted for their community of customers. Whether educational, active or social, Shop Good Events are always fun, uplifting and multi-sensory. They do an incredible job of serving and supporting a need while showcasing their products and services.


Ability to Sample/Test Products

If you live in San Diego, you can simply walk into one of Shop Good’s two locations to sample a product that you’ve been curious about.

For those of us who live outside of San Diego, Shop Good provides an opportunity to purchase samples of select products via their website and online shop! This is something you don’t see a lot of brands offering, further showcasing Shop Good’s commitment to deliver proof on their promise of making healthy living effortless and accessible.

Outside of these options, Shop Good frequently presents in-store activations that allow customers to interact with the products and brands they carry in fun and inspiring ways like bold lip and brow bars, mini make-up applications, walk-in skin consultations, custom-mixed face masks, and more!



Video Tutorials

Whether a recorded livestream or quick IGTV video, Shop Good often shares clean makeup tutorials and GRWM looks, skincare tips and routines, and seasonal wellness practices (again, often tied to their monthly content theme). Not overly produced, I love how relatable these videos feel, showcasing all skin types and skin tones.


The Shop Good Spa Experience

A quick search on Yelp will tell you just how incredible Shop Good’s spa experience is. With glowing reviews, it is a highly sought after service and often voted best in San Diego. I love how Shop Good shares sneak peeks into their spa experience on social media by pulling back the curtain and showcasing a facial or other treatment in action. I speak from experience when I say what you’re seeing on Instagram is what you get, and more! There are several multi-sensory touchpoints within this one experience alone, and that’s truly what makes it so memorable.


Immersive Packaging

Many businesses had to pivot their offerings as a result of COVID-19 and the global pandemic. As a community-centric brand, Shop Good acted quickly to innovate and find new ways to serve their customers. One of the ways they accomplished this was through their at-home facial package where they set out to treat skin from afar by personalizing treatment masks specific to individual skin goals. Ranging in size, their largest package included multi-sensory elements in addition to skincare products like sustainably sourced palo santo, Shop Good headband, and even a suggested playlist!


Customer Service Experience

All of Shop Good’s in-store staff (product experts) are educated on the brands that are found on their shelves. So, any customer can feel assured that they’ll receive support from someone who is passionate about clean beauty and wellness. Further, Shop Good offers an opportunity to chat with their team via their website so you can get your questions answered even if you don’t live in proximity to one of their store locations.



Ok, this is truly just the tip of the iceberg (I could fangirl about Shop Good all day). If anything, I hope this blog post inspires you to check out Shop Good’s brand experience for yourself. I have a feeling it’ll set the bar high for all the other brands and businesses you interact with.


The Brand & Idea Showcase blog series features exemplary brands and businesses that are putting an emphasis on experience. Have a brand in mind that I should spotlight next? Drop me a line and share!




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